“I have a blocked drain that I cant clear”

Sometimes the blockage is more serious and requires an expert to unblock your drain. If you have tried to rod the blockage clear and the drain is still blocked, there are a number of causes for this which could be…

  • The drain you are rodding is not the start of the problem. You may need to locate further drains.
  • The drain might be blocked with wet wipes or debris
  • The drain might have collapsed or misaligned.

If this is the case, no amount of rodding will clear the blockage. Our engineers would then make attempts to clear the blocked drain using a high pressure jetting system which will blast the blockage away. We also have use of pumps and tanker lorries for extreme cases. When the blockage is cleared, we can the assess the drainage system using the latest self leveling camera equipment which is fully recordable.

“How do I Unblock my outside drain?”

  • Place on some gloves.
  • Locate the Drain that’s blocked.
  • Remove the drain cover and place safely to one side.
  • Identify which way the drain runs away.
  • Insert your rod into the exit pipe.
  • Push in slowly and pull back slowly.
  • Determine if there is pressure and continue this momentum.
  • Remove the plunger and wait…..
  • If the Blockage drains away you have successfully unblocked the drain. If the blockage remains, repeat from step 4.

“What tools are needed to unblock my outside drain?”

If you need to unblock an external drain, you will need the following equipment –

  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Rods
  • Bucket

If you are going to attempt this, please ensure you have a basic knowledge and tools to do so as listed above and shown below.

“My Drains are smelly”

Smelly Drains can be handled fast by a professional. There are simple signs to look for before you call us which include

Ensure your bathroom/Kitchen sink traps are full of water. If the traps are dry, bad odours will enter your property. A badly installed drainage system can cause the water to be sucked out of the trap. This can be fixed.

f you are not using the Sinks/Shower/Bath for long periods of time, this will cause the traps to dry out.

If you have blocked traps, this can also cause the bad odours. Ensure the trap is removed carefully, dismantled and cleaned before re installing. If you have any doubt, call a professional.

If this has not solved your bad odour smell, you may have cracked or misalligned drain pipes which are causing smells to enter the property. We can conduct a few tests on the draiange system to determin this. Call today for more information.